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Product nameUnitsPriceOur price
Anaar - Pomegranate
Anaar - Pomegranate0.5 Kg75.00Add to cart
Apple Gala
Apple Gala1 Kg130.00Add to cart
Apple Green
Apple Green1.0 Kg140.00130.00Add to cart
Apple Red
Apple Red1.0 Kg190.00Add to cart
Apricot0.5 Kg125.00Add to cart
Banana6 Pieces36.00Add to cart
Coconut-Nariyal1 Pc40.00Add to cart
Daab - Raw Coconut
Daab - Raw Coconut 1 Pc55.0050.00Add to cart
Dates - Khajoor
Dates - Khajoor0.5 Kg55.0045.00Add to cart
Gauva - Amrood
Gauva - Amrood0.5 Kg28.00Add to cart
Grapes0.5 Kg80.00Add to cart
Grapes Black
Grapes Black0.5 Kg120.00Add to cart
Grapes Purple
Grapes Purple0.5 Kg80.00Add to cart
Litchi - Lychee
Litchi - Lychee0.5 Kg60.00Add to cart
Loquat0.5 Kg40.00Add to cart
Mango Dushehari
Mango Dushehari1Kg80.0070.00Add to cart
Mango Kesar - मैंगो केसर
Mango Kesar - मैंगो केसर1 Kg.125.00Add to cart
Mango Safeda
Mango Safeda1 Kg.130.00110.00Add to cart
Oranges1.0 Kg60.00Add to cart
Papaya - Papita
Papaya - Papita1.0 Kg60.0050.00Add to cart
Peaches0.5 Kg80.00Add to cart
Pears1 Kg130.00Add to cart
Pineapple1 Pc120.00110.00Add to cart
Plum0.5 Kg25.00Add to cart
Plum Black -Aaloo Bukhara
Plum Black -Aaloo Bukhara0.5 Kg40.00Add to cart
Star Fruit
Star Fruit0.25 Kg35.00Add to cart
Tangerines - Kinoo
Tangerines - Kinoo1.0 Kg40.00Add to cart

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