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Product nameUnitsPriceOur price
Apple Gourd -Tinda
Apple Gourd -Tinda0.5 Kg38.0036.00Add to cart
Bottle Gaurd Round (Ghiya)
Bottle Gaurd Round (Ghiya)1Kg35.0030.00Add to cart
Bottle Gourd - Louki
Bottle Gourd - Louki0.5 Kg20.0014.00Add to cart
Cabbage-Patta Gobhi
Cabbage-Patta Gobhi 1.0 Kg50.00Add to cart
Capsicum (Simla Mirch)
Capsicum (Simla Mirch)1Kg80.0075.00Add to cart
Cauli Flower-Phool Gobhi
Cauli Flower-Phool Gobhi0.5 Kg45.0040.00Add to cart
Cocumber0.5 Kg30.0022.50Add to cart
Coriander / Dhania
Coriander / Dhania0.100 kg30.0024.50Add to cart
Eggplant - Brinjal (Baingan)
Eggplant - Brinjal (Baingan)0.5 Kg20.00Add to cart
Fenugreek-Methi0.5 Kg36.00Add to cart
French Beans
French Beans0.25 Kg80.0075.00Add to cart
Garlic - Lehsun
Garlic - Lehsun0.25 Kg34.00Add to cart
Ginger - Adrak
Ginger - Adrak0.25 Kg25.0022.50Add to cart
Green Chillies
Green Chillies0.25 Kg70.0065.00Add to cart
Green Peas
Green Peas0.5 Kg65.0058.00Add to cart
Halwa Kaddu (Pumpkin)
Halwa Kaddu (Pumpkin)0.5 Kg25.0018.00Add to cart
Jackfruit - Kathal
Jackfruit - Kathal1 Kg20.0015.00Add to cart
Karela (Bitter Gourd)
Karela (Bitter Gourd)0.5 Kg42.0038.00Add to cart
Lady Finger (Bhindi)
Lady Finger (Bhindi)0.5 Kg20.00Add to cart
Lotus Stem / Kamal Kakdi
Lotus Stem / Kamal Kakdi0.5 Kg50.0044.50Add to cart
Mango Raw (कच्चा अाम)
Mango Raw (कच्चा अाम)1 Kg.55.0052.00Add to cart
Mint Leaves-Pudina
Mint Leaves-Pudina0.20 Kg25.00Add to cart
Nimboo (Lime)
Nimboo (Lime)0.25 Kg30.0025.00Add to cart
Onion Red
Onion Red1.0 Kg80.0060.00Add to cart
Onion White
Onion White0.5 Kg40.00Add to cart
Pahadi Aaloo (Potatos)
Pahadi Aaloo (Potatos)1 Kg30.0028.00Add to cart
Parwal  (Pointed Gourd)
Parwal (Pointed Gourd)0.25 Kg15.00Add to cart
Potato1 Kg30.0028.00Add to cart
Radish1.0 Kg20.00Add to cart
Round Purple Brinjal
Round Purple Brinjal0.5 Kg20.00Add to cart
Spinach / Paalak
Spinach / Paalak0.5 Kg30.0024.50Add to cart
Tomato0.5 Kg28.0024.00Add to cart

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