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About Us

It's courteous of you to take the time to get to know us better. Here are some things we thought you might like to know about us. Meri Wali Shop founded by a young college entrepreneur, ecommerce tycoon & engineering student of Maharashtra Institute of Technology. This company is registered by the name of Spectrum Colors Inc.. Our aim is to provide you ultrasonic and ozonized clean fruits & vegetables in Jalandhar, Kapurthala and Phagwara with same day delivery and Cash on delivery option.

MeriwaliShop.com looks forward at providing a simple and enjoyable shopping experience with the widest range of Fruits, Vegetables, Dry fruits, Spices, Grocery, Confectionery and other stuffs on its portal. At MeriwaliShop.com we make every effort to achieve the highest level of “Customer Satisfaction” possible.

We are making a careful effort to make you health even much better by providing ultrasonic & ozonized clean fruits & vegetables direct from farmer end to your door step. MeriwaliShop.com's fast fresh & healthy revolves around giving consumers the power of easily purchasing 100% organic, fresh & ultrasonic cleaned fruits & vegetables online.

Be it our path-breaking services like season product catalogue, same day return policy*, free shipping - and of course the great prices that we offer.

We value and focus on building customer relationships through on-time delivery of quality products, catering to customized needs, money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with product quality.

A dedicated customer connect team is on standby to answer your queries 24x7.

What is our Aim?

We have started Meri Wali Shop with a great vision to support Indian farmers and also provide ultrasonic cleaned fruits & vegetables in all over india. As we have seen in India that Indian farmers are getting poorer than they were before. Our country’s economy is totally based on farmers.  So, there is one question arises in our mind that Why Indian farmers aren’t getting much profit from their stuffs. We directly picked our fruits & vegetables from local farmers and deliver it customer’s door step. So the money that broker were getting much profit than farmer we have just removed that brokers and that profit directly goes into farmer’s account.

As it is often said “We are what we eat” and believe it or not, in today’s scenario, we are unconsciously consuming fruits and vegetables which are highly contaminated with various dangerous chemicals, artificial waxes and plenty of unknown pathogens. It is hard to digest but true to know that the fruits and vegetables we consume today have abundance of pesticides, herbicides, weedicides, fungicides, artificial oil & waxing and a lot many harmful pathogens which are caused during negligent transportation and manhandling of the eatables.

According to recent news reports, the fruits and vegetables in India are laced with surface toxic contaminants like insecticides, pesticide residue, bacteria, dirt, wax, grime, fungicides, artificial ripening agents like calcium carbide etc. These chemicals cannot be washed away with just plain water. The concentration of these chemicals is sometimes significantly high as compared to fruits & vegetables from other countries across the globe. These chemicals might not have a visible immediate effect, however long term consumption of such eatables could be a reason for cancer, reproductive damage, stunted physical and mental growth in children etc. Keeping all this aside, heavy manhandling of the fruits and vegetables during the transport system makes them more prone to germicidal and bacterial contamination before reaching the final destination.

That’s why we use an ultrasonic cleaning machine with ozonized property. This ultrasonic cleaning machine creates waves & in the range of 30-50 Khz creates compression waves in the liquid resulting in the creation of partial vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles “clings” to the foreign particles such as dirt, wax, polish, pesticides and scrubs them off with an implosion effect which is created when the bubbles collapses. The enormous energy creates a pulling effect which even reaches narrow crevices of the fruits & vegetables to remove dirt, dust, germs, pesticides and other contaminants.

This machine also releases ozone gas which helps to clean fruits & vegetables externally. We also use filter water in ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash them perfectly. By the help of this ultrasonic cleaning process we deliver fresh, pesticide & chemical free fruits & vegetables direct from farmer end to our customer.

Head Office Address:

Spectrum Internet Trading Company

Golden Galaxy

Jalandhar 144 001,

Punjab, INDIA