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What is ultrasonic cleaning?


“Multi-purpose health mate” is one of kind of green environmental protection detoxification machine. It uses the electronic manner to produce ultrasonic (U) and OSO (Ozone super oxidant). The gas set discharge OSO into water. Ultrasonic produce the 40khz mechanical vibrate & the cavitations, It greatly increase the OSO solubility in the water, the important is ultrasonic provides the necessary energy of substance reaction, UOSO has the effect of decompose pesticides, farm chemicals and sterilization to the fruits and vegetables which immerge in the water; As the same time, the machine produces plasma to process the material on the molecule restore. It completely solved the people’s demand of the detoxification and health care. The hypostasis of fruits & vegetables are intact, It will not as damage as the electrical machinery revolved to cause nutrient loss.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

By travelling through water with a frequency of 30-50 kHz, ultrasonic waves produce millions of microscopic air cavities loaded with vacuum energy. These air cavities, when getting in contact with surfaces create a vacuum effect. The result is the quick separation of greases, carbons, chemicals, blood, particles from these surfaces. In the mean time, these surfaces are also cleaned from any bacteria or living organism.

An Ultrasonic Cleaner comprises of a tank (with different sizes), motor/ circuit for cleaning the eatables, a removable basket / tray. To begin the cleaning process, the cleaning tank is filled with water or a cleaning solution. As soon as the ultrasonic washers is switched on with water and fruits/vegetables, ultrasonic waves in the range of 30-50 Khz creates compression waves in the liquid resulting in the creation of partial vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles “clings” to the foreign particles such as dirt, wax, polish, pesticides and scrubs them off with an implosion effect which is created when the bubbles collapses. The enormous energy creates a pulling effect which even reaches narrow crevices of the fruits & vegetables to remove dirt, dust, germs, pesticides and other contaminants.


Ozone, also named O3, is a gas which is easy to be oxidized. Because of its oxidation, it can be used to kill the viruses and germs. It is the best disinfector to keep health. The O3 in the air is about 0.04-0.1ppm, it helps to prevent the viruses and germs breeding. People can breathe the clear air after thunder storm, is due to the effect of Ozone.


(1)    Kill the animalcule, especially for pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus coli, Staphylococcus aureus, it can be remove 99.7%.

(2)    The ozone eliminates odors, chlorine, and other chemicals, viruses and germs by 98.9%.