India's 1st Ultrasonic Cleaned online Fruits and Vegetables Store.

Why buy from us?

Quantity with quality at market price

Our experienced product management team ensured that we picked fresh, organic & best quality fruits and vegetables direct from the farmers/Mandi end. We don’t lose our quality in any circumstances whether your orders are in bulk or in small. We also give an attractive discount for bulk orders. We deliver best quality with quantity at market price.

Hygiene and fresh

We guaranteed deliver you the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained throughout the 
procurement ⇒ sorting ⇒ Ultrasonic cleaning process ⇒ International packaging process. After the ultrasonic cleaning process, we ensure that all our products are untouched by hand till they reach you.

We deliver fruits & vegetables from the farmers/mandi to your door-step same day. The fruits & vegetables don't have to sit on a display stand aging while waiting to be purchased and as such their freshness is ensured.

Ultrasonic & ozone cleaned fruits and vegetables

We cleaned fruits and vegetables from our modern advanced imported ultrasonic cleaning machine to ensure you get fruits and vegetables that are free from pesticide, insecticides, fungicides, artificial ripening agents etc.

We're also the certified ultrasonic & ozone cleaned fruits & vegetables provider.

Value for money

We operate on a direct delivery model and as such don't require physical shop/stores. Thus we don't need to recover high rental amount and additionally we provide ultrasonic- cleaned fruits and vegetables home-delivered at market comparable prices.

Free home delivery

We deliver your order with free of cost also same day and time of your convenience.

Customer friendly return policy

Though we ensure and guarantee highest quality standards, in case you are not satisfied with the quality we promise full refund/return.